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Below is a guest post from Finlay & Co who wrote us up in their stories. Great article!

At Finlay HQ, we’re a mixed bag of cyclists, walkers and committed but slightly resentful, bus riders.

If you live in London, or for any city for that matter, you may have noticed a steady incline in the number of fellow humans taking to two wheels.

But what if your displeasure for lycra and neon outweighs your desire for two-wheeled freedom? And what if you want to cut down your face-in-armpit tube time and benefit from feeling the wind in your recently barbered barnet; but you don’t have the energy to invest in learning all of the lingo?

Fixation London have come up with an ideal solution with their fixed speed, sub-£300 bikes which are lightweight and totally good-looking. Named after London places, the Wembley, Islington and Holborn bikes are the ideal solution if 1. You’re on the fence about cycling, or 2. You’re already into cycling but you’re looking for a simple, stylish and affordable alternative for riding in the city.

Brothers Alex and Adam launched Fixation London in January 2015 with a view to supply the city with affordable and stylish bicycles. Fad east-London brand, Fixation are not. These bikes are for everyone, men, women, young and old. The only criteria for owning one that we could work out, is an appreciation for beautifully designed products and a craving for a spot of cycling.

For the founders, the price tag came first when dreaming up Fixation and that was sub-£300. They wanted to supply riders with affordable bicycles, enabling all to access the freedom and health benefits of cycling without the hefty price tag. The lightweight bikes weigh approximately 12 KG – light enough to carry up the stairs, crafted from Hi-Ten steel and made in Taiwan – which is where most of the world’s quality bikes come from.

You can choose your Fixation bicycle from two ranges: Classic – with riser handlebars and Deluxe – with a unique stem mounted Fixation clock which is built into the bike. And if you order online, you can have your new ride delivered to you the next day for just £12. Not bad at all!

Want to see the bicycles in all their fixie glory? Visit the pop up store in Covent Garden with its exposed concrete, cycles suspended from the ceiling and a fridge-full of liquid delights and you might just walk away with two new wheels. We really mean it, the bicycles are 85% ready in shop and in just 30 minutes your new bike can be assembled.

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We asked founder Alex what his tips for city cycling were and his favourite places to ride:

Best place to ride in UK?

Richmond Park – I live near the park and riding there is great because you see so many other people cycling, walking, jogging and just enjoying the outdoors in London.

Best place to ride anywhere in the world?

South of France  – I’ve ridden there many times – great scenery, considerate drivers, hilltop towns with great views.

Tell us about your pop up shop?

You can come into the shop, choose your bike and in just 30 mins, you can walk away with your new bike. Based in Covent Garden, we have a lot of tourists and local workers wondering in and the first thing most people say is, ‘How are the bikes so cheap?!’

We wanted to differentiate ourselves from other bike shops and as we consider Fixation as a lifestyle brand, therefore we wanted to stock accessories, clothing and watches which are design-led and London-based, such as Finlay & Co. sunglasses, Camden Watches, and Hills & Ellis cycle bags.

Our plan for the future is to open coffee shop based stores in commuter towns around London so listen out for more news.

Favourite Finlay frames?

I’m a Carnaby-man!

 Most popular Fixation bicycle?

We have a white bike in the window and that really draws people into the store, but the Wembley (£275) with its grey frame and the Kentish Town (£375) are our best-sellers.

What’s next for Fixation?

All of our bikes are unisex, but this year we’ll be launching a dedicated ladies bicycle with a curved frame. 

We’re also launching a competition for people to design their own bike, with the winner having their bike created and then we will introduce the bike as a new range!

 We are also in the initial stages of designer smaller bicycles called Tenders which will sell for around £299.

 Your advice on how to enjoy road cycling without the road rage?

There is always a quieter route to where you want to go. I use TFL and Google Maps to find back roads and that way you can have fun discovering new parts of the city. Just try and take it easy, don’t be aggressive. I don’t weave in and out of traffic, I just wait and that way, I don’t get all sweaty.

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