Mixing it up a bit

In the chaos of the last couple of months of 2015 we realised that we never really announced properly the rather exciting new addition to the range that we have. It appears that nobody really knows that we now do a little bike called the Mixie, so this little post is to try and tell you all about it.

So the term ‘Mixie’ is essentially a ‘Mini Fixie’ – a small wheel version of the current bikes we have. Still a flip-flop hub (single speed & fixed gear option) but 20″ wheels. It is the size of a Brompton bike, but has all the fun and dynamism of a full-size steel-framed bike. The mixie can take anyone 4ft to 6ft as the saddle and handlebars can be raised or lowered according to the user.

One of the key benefits to this is storage – often in small cramped apartments people do not have enough space to store full-sized bikes without them being an inconvenience, the mixie however can be squeezed into a corner of the room out of the way. This is really a key reason for us developing this bike – sometimes people want a real ‘hop on, hop off’ bike that doesn’t take mush space but does everything you need from a bike. Luggage racks & baskets can be added for extra functionality.

Fixation28-10-152973 Mixing it up a bit Fixation28 10 152973  Mixing it up a bit Fixation28 10 152973

These bikes are big in Asia, and based on how fun this is – we are confident they will soon be very popular here in the UK too!