Why you should be riding in London

In A Nutshell

In the fast growing civilization that is London, trains and tubes have become dread. In this urban setting, commuting by car does not make much sense anymore. There has to be a better way than the hustle of moving back and forth between residential and work areas, a better way than one party per vehicle. So why not ditch the car and hit the saddle instead?



Riding to work can never be recommended highly enough. Fixation, London offers you a great scheme to manage your riding days, make use of it. Go an extra mile and purchase a bike that comes with extra accessories to make your commute safe, keep your bike at its station and during night falls a light to guide your way. Don’t feel ripped off, as the savings on NI and tax will make it feel like money-off vouchers.


Travel Cheap

It goes without scientific proof and number crunching that owning a bike will be substantially cheaper to owning a car. However, what is its relativity to that of the bus, tube or train? Public transport costs have escalated quickly, forcing people to take a step back to the ‘70s, cycling. If you think about it, the only factors in bike riding are the rising costs of food and bike payouts. A new bike in London is at worst measured in hundreds, and with the money you could have spent in bus commutes, you can easily pay off in half a year or less. Plus, when it comes to food, you had to eat anyway, regardless of mode of transport. So take that first ride and save up your pounds, travel cheap.


Quality and Maintenance

Compared to cars, bikes are relatively simple mechanical moving parts. Fixation, London does not just provide you with a set of moving parts. With a range of deluxe and classic bikes, quality is an assured priority. Have a spoilt choice of four styles with riser handlebars in the classic range, and upgraded saddles, handlebars and Maxxis tyres in the deluxe category. Bikes should be designed to last and with super modern designs as such, you don’t need that many parts to move or keeping moving. So when it comes to maintenance, don’t sweat it. Proper bike maintenance can be very rewarding. A clean and well-lubricated bike is what keeps it tip top shape for most of its life.


Feel Happy, Stay Lean, and Go Green

Spending more time outside has proven to increase self-esteem, build confidence and lighten your mood. Beat the depression that comes with sitting in a poorly and artificially lit cubicle by exposing yourself to some sunlight. As you bask in the benefits of daylight, increase your metabolism and burn calories even after your rides. Hope on a bike, become fitter without really trying and enjoy a fitness level equal to that of an individual 10 years younger.
Save the planet, cycle more. Bikes are efficient machines that transport you three times faster than walking. Taking into account that bikes need no fuel, cycling, therefore, produces zero pollution. Be the first to take this initiative, save the planet, we only have one earth.