We’re back, bigger, stronger and leaner

If you follow our business closely you may well have realised that we have been a little quiet on the communications recently – we’ve been quiet on emails, quiet on social and certainly quiet on the blog! Well the reason for that is we have been working hard on our business and making some changes to the way that we are set up – and we had to re-find what we were all about. Somewhere along the way with all the excitement we became just another bike company and that really bothered us! We had to ask ourselves one thing – why do we love bikes? You may not know this, but the bike industry is a pretty darn miserable place at times –there is a lot of doom and gloom around and to be honest, it needs a bit of a shake-up. The times are moving, the industry is developing and sadly that means that some of the older methods and mentalities are disappearing. That negativity can have an effect on you – however, to answer the above question, the reason we love bikes ourselves is not for the tubing, it is not for the geometry, the gear ratios or even our awesome stem clocks – it is down to freedom. The bike to us is the freedom you experience when you are a child. It is the freedom to explore a new place, to re-discover the place you live or just to take some time to yourself. The world is a pretty damn busy place these days and we rarely get a moment to ourselves to reflect and unwind. The bike is that for us – it takes a miserable 45 minute commute and makes it a lovely 30 minute cycle, it takes uncertainly and £7.20 every day and gives us a consistent and totally free journey. We could go on for a long time about how great cycling is, but at the end of the day we really just asked ourselves what the bike is – and once we realised that we renewed our love affair.

So Fixation is back and we like to think bigger and better. We have a new website which we hope you love (any feedback, please let us know!). We have a new marketing strategy, we have new products in development and all sorts of things going on behind the scenes. We now have 8 styles if unisex bike, 2 style of ladies, one ‘mixie’, clocks, lights, bottles, locks and more. We have many bikes out on the road and want to put more and more out there.

The change of marketing strategy we have is to open up our doors. We want to be an open company – we have a lot of fun at Fixation but there are also all the common battles that a new business faces. We are approaching two years since we first launched the business and we have a lot of stories from our time – we hope to add many more and share them with you.

So thank you all for being here, thank you again for reading this and we hope to get to know you better over the coming few months.

If you have any questions or feedback or just want a chat then our email address is info@fixation-london.co.uk. If you want to hear more from us – don’t forget to pop your email into the subscribe box too and you’ll even get 10% off your first purchase!