About The Bikes

Overall we have been driven by two key philosophies:

Keep It Simple

The day to day bike doesn’t need too many parts, add-ons or features – it is all about parts that are reliable, last a long time and give you a smooth ride.

Stylish Design

Great designs often come with a huge price tag. We want a style for every person, for every occasion and for every environment and have worked hard to bring these to you at an affordable price.



Classic & Deluxe Range

We have two different bike ranges at Fixation London – Classic and Deluxe.

– The Classic range is our basic/entry level bike and comes in four styles. These are all our own brand parts and come with riser handlebars.

– For our Deluxe range we have upgraded several key working parts with well known brands – Maxxis tyres, Shimano Chain as well as upgraded pedals, handlebars and saddles.

All parts carefully built to last

The mechanics of a bicycle can actually be very simple – you don’t need that many parts in order to move (and keep moving). We want to build bikes that are made to last – we have sourced parts that can take the wear and tear that urban riding presents and are happy to offer a full one-year warranty to back it up.

Fixation London Clocks

All of our Fixation bikes have the option to include one of these unique stem clocks built into the frame of the bike. Cruise around in style and never be late again.

Comfortable urban setup

Our geometry has been designed with urban and comfortable riding in mind. Geometry of the frame is key to comfort and positioning and we have worked with our manufacturer to ensure our standard setup is all geared up for you to ride around your town, city or campus in total comfort.

Hi-Ten Steel Frame

Choosing a frame material is crucial for any bike. For most manufacturers, it is a case of getting the right balance between strong & light – and for that reason we chose to build our bikes in Hi-Ten Steel. Coming in at 12KG the bikes feel strong and sturdy underneath you but lightweight and nimble enough to zip through town and carry up stairs.