About Fixation

Fixation London is a brand of bicycles and accessories that are made to get people back on bicycles. We are driven by an overall purpose, “to get everyone back on bikes by making them accessible to all”. We take this purpose very seriously and it affects everything we do – from the way we design our bikes at our studios to the delivery to your door.


Our bikes are made to look the part - our simple designs and colour schemes means there is a bike to suit every style


We know that a bike you use around town shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, so we keep our prices down which ensures you can truly enjoy the ride


Our bikes are built to withstand all the pressures that urban riding carries. Top quality parts in the places that matter ensure a continuous smooth ride

Our Values

Keep it simple – we focus on the things that matter and source reliable parts that will last.

Stylish design – we create eye-catching bikes that stand out, just without the pricetag.

For everyone – we design our bikes with the view to get everyone back on the bike.

Jargon & snobbery free – we strip down the jargon and eliminate snobbery so that we talk to you like normal human beings.

Classic Fixie
Ladies Fixie

Our Charity Partners

We like to think we are an ethical company. Our purpose is ‘To get everyone back on bicycles by making them accessible to all’ and when we say everyone, we mean everyone.

We genuinely believe that the bicycle is an amazing invention that will continue to be a huge part of human lifestyles. Right now we are producing bikes and accessories to encourage British (and other) people to give cycling a go, use it as their main mode of transport and see all the benefits it brings. However we also want to play our part in the greater good of cycling and it’s for that reason that we have taken this decision.

Re-Cycle are an amazing charity that in a nutshell, collect old unwanted bikes from the UK, pack them all into containers and ship them over to Africa, to people who really need them. So far they have sent over 152 containers with 59,022 bicycles in them.